In Search of a Garden

Over the years I’ve come to realize just how important an outdoor space is for most Montrealers when shopping for a new home. After all, our summers are short and having a peaceful outdoor space to come home to is a wonderful thing. Whether it’s a rooftop terrace or a small balcony, a huge yard or a view overlooking the water or a park, having a green space tends to appear at the top of most people’s wish list. And yet, there are few official criteria for helping buyers find such outdoor spaces. Which is why I have invested considerable effort over the years in fine-tuning my own method for finding out these properties: By listening to my clients and by using the best available technologies. Whether you are looking for a yard or have some other specific criteria in mind, I will make sure you find that hidden gem.

The work of an artisan

In today’s competitive real estate market and fast-paced world, it’s important to do things right. I see my work as that of an artisan offering personalized service. As a customer, I am demanding and I am just as demanding with myself when it comes to my own clients. I give each facet of the transaction the full attention it deserves – and that begins with meeting my clients to fully understand their expectations right from the start, and whatever changes that may occur along the way. Being present during visits also allows me to see that spark that goes off when a buyer falls head over heels for a home. And when emotions do come into play – such as when you absolutely have to get that home, or when, as a seller, you find it hard to detach yourself – my role becomes all the more important. Because being able to set one’s emotions aside to successfully negotiate a sale requires tact and impartiality. This is one of my strengths: I am a strong negotiator who respects her client’s wishes and limits.

Your strongest ally

More than an artisan, I am also a big fan of new technologies. They are essential to my work. I constantly seek out and learn new ways to keep my skills relevant. I use the most proven tools and methods available. I collaborate with brokers from all banners in a spirit of mutual respect and interest to ensure successful transactions. I also rely on the best in the industry when it comes to recommending surveyors, inspectors, notaries, and mortgage specialists to my clients.

Dominique chénier

Powerful Advisor

I am privileged to get most of my clients through referrals. After all, satisfied customers tend to come back and are happy to tell others. This is why I represent such a wide variety of properties of all styles and budgets. This breadth of experience is what makes me unique: each new customer expands my network of contacts. My goal is to become your go-to real estate advisor. I am committed to serving you with respect and discretion, as well as with loyalty and integrity.

Thank you for reading about me, and remember that I am never too busy for your references. I look forward to meeting you, your friends and your neighbours – and to making those real estate dreams come true.

Dominique Chénier, Real Estate Broker

Biographical note

(Montreal 1963 -) Dominique Chénier studied literature, cinematography, music and law. The daughter of an actor, she was exposed to the arts and literature – and particularly the theatre – from a young age. After two decades of working in customer and secretarial service for large companies, Dominique became a novelist and short story writer, and later, a fellow of the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec.

Over the years, she has called several Montreal neighbourhoods and suburbs home: A loft in Old Montreal, a triplex on the Plateau, a single family home in Brossard. Dominque has gotten to know the advantages of each area intimately while developing a taste for architecture and homes. In 2005, with her family firmly established, Dominique married her passion for homes and people, and launched a career in real estate. She joined the RE/MAX Île-des-Soeurs office and remained there until 2016, when she expanded her network by partnering with RE/MAX Action in Westmount. Dominique’s loyal clientele, numerous awards and 325 homes sold to date are proof of her success.

Dominique Chénier Dominique Chénier Dominique Chénier Dominique Chénier Dominique Chénier